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I have thrown in the construction scenario airport Minsk-1. Include a scenario "Water Resources of Minsk" (author - Gutnikov Yuri aka Yurik). And as some of the objects of other authors. PLEASE READ BEFORE INSTALLING THE FILE "UMMM Readme.pdf"!!! BETA version of the script. Made a basis for further work. The script is made from satellite and navigation maps. Has the correct geographical location (unlike defoltnogo script MFS2004). Implemented at the moment: 1. The geographical location of the airport 2. Navigational aids, ILS12, etc. 3. Terminal building 4. The administrative building of the airport 5. Fences around the site 6. Seasonal fotopodlozhka 7. Layout rulezhek and parking 8. The buildings around the airport from the north 9. Lendklass Minsk 10. Roads and railways Minsk 11. Lezoposadka around Minsk 12. Water Resources (author - Gutnikov Yuri aka Yurik) 13. TEC-3 r Minsk 14. Some other facilities to all who wish to continue the project ...... 'll be adding the source files (which are able to find) from the script.
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почему вылетает ~Anonymous~, 5 years ago, #
Good! Alex_BRU23, 11 years ago, #
Thank you! But in Minsk 2 runway textures disappear! FILKIR, 11 years ago, #
agree ... YauheniBabuk, 11 years ago, #
Aha, right! Surger, 11 years ago, #
The beginning is excellent. But believe me no one will finish. Hope all of you. ArtAir, 11 years ago, #
finish it, but unfortunately not at a fast pace YauheniBabuk, 11 years ago, #
Thank you, Andrew, for the port of childhood! Sorry, what does not finish it ... Life is life. Surger, 11 years ago, #
thank you, as much joy today some, and Minsk and Minsk to 10s-1 for 9ki, uhh! That would lendklass Minsk on 10 from Shinshu under nine did)) it would be just fine!) Airbus350, 11 years ago, #
and who here, exactly where it? Ринат, 11 years ago, #
All fit in and docked, much better than the default. mikedet, 11 years ago, #
Tell someone thread like texture runway, apron, rulezhek stick, even if defaulted, and that I have there only grass with markup (((And in the Minsk-2 in the middle of the runway textures are gone .... Surger, 11 years ago, #
You can tighten and finish? Others will finish it .. Maybe they do not know what the nuances, the subtleties of your re-same deal! The airport is very necessary and something that is done, done well! Vladimir_76, 11 years ago, #
There should be a lot of things to finish (and I have it no time): - textures aprons and runway - landing lights - buildings in the port and ARZ Ie the foundation is, it remains to modeling and placement of objects. If someone wants to finish and need some information either - write in drugs on the forum or in Asya. If you remember how that was done, then help you. A-n-d-r-e-y, 11 years ago, #
Yes figs with them already, with the script ... Explain where it all the time go? RaserX, 11 years ago, #
А почему доделать не можете? Если уж начали, то бросать дело... это подло. IAA10051990, 6 years ago, #
Подло - это считать, что вам чем-то обязаны. Вы не пуп земли. Причин для не возможности закончить может быть масса. От личных, до технических. Всё делается на добровольных началах. Partizan-cs, 6 years ago, #
If the script is then thrown nefig spread deficiencies sereb, 11 years ago, #
Hopefully, it is clear that for less? madara-exgta, 11 years ago, #