Mesh Afghanistan now accurately complete the whole of Afghanistan. Pandsher, Kabul, Kandahar ....
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as far as I can see the screens it is a good scenery and may be difficult to produce. congratulations for this job ikarus2011, 13 years ago, #
Как это установить? derxysS, 8 years ago, #
Спасибо! Demkas, 12 years ago, #
Thank ponravilsya.Prihodilos Reale over Afgan on turntables to fly in the landing-assault group letat.Teper again flying, but now in the Sim, and in pamyati.Pravda something Salang not found, unnecessarily been on it is not times, and can not see yet, but it does not affect otsenku.Vse Doha round is 5 s + derzhavskii, 12 years ago, #
showed my grandfather and he could not pull him from the company, flew searching for familiar places .. thanks! Zikki, 13 years ago, #
Well, that Kostya, he found his grandfather familiar places? derzhavskii, 12 years ago, #
And we go from grief gritting his teeth, wetting his lips dry vodka! HARBINGER LETCIK, 14 years ago, #
RћS‡S‡RµRЅSЊ good, very Stakan, 14 years ago, #
Where Fail to throw it? Or plug in a script? Aviator86, 14 years ago, #
_Flight SimulatorAddon Sceneryscenery, or _Flight SimulatorSceneryBASE Сокол, 14 years ago, #
Thank Aviator86, 14 years ago, #
And with FSGLOBAL 2008 go? Your mesh better or GLOBALovsky? dgon-dgoin, 14 years ago, #