This package contains a total of five separate versions of Aero Commander (500 / 520 / 540A (HC) / 680 Super and Rockwell Commander Shrike), as well as two cargo variants (AC500 and AC520) and 29 additional patterns, a total of fifty combinations of configurations aircraft and liveries to choose from. Features: Create - GMax Fully animated control surfaces, lights, passenger door is fully animated suspension parts Spinning Wheel. "Feel Real" flight dynamics (tested by real pilots) Detailed multi-layer, high-gloss, reflecting texture. The night lighting and lighting glare. Dynamic shine. landing lights illuminate the runway. defrosters. Kind of on the wing, the engine in the 2D Transparent, reflecting a 3D cockpit and passenger windows transparent glass navigation lights and landing lights. virtual cockpit with illuminated devices.
→ Size: 91 MB
→ Date: 10 years ago (01.09.2010 01:14)
→ Author: Milton Shupe, Barry Collman, Chris Haag, Jim Metzer, Keith Cloudcraft, Milt Concannon и другие из команды Twin Commander Flight
→ Uploaded by: DAR (uploaded 60 files )
→ Approved by moderator: Lenya69
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
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I do not understand what marvel? Blatant trash. Lavinjer, 9 years ago, #
А за визуалку-5. Мужики есть же хорошая модель для Девятки.​riginalnye-samolety-40/as-500-​45914.html
Igan, 5 years ago, #
Для Девятки всё без проблем. И в ВК все приборы хорошо читаемы и всё остальное - Класс!!! Igan, 5 years ago, #
За внешку,очень понравилась,ставлю 5. За исполнение внутри -3 так как ящик, в левой части не отображается,в место него сквозная дыра. Посоветуйте может можно как то это исправить? Круглые пропеллеры убрал, только заменой файла вручную.Может как то можно панель с какого покруче крафта прикрутить а то обидно так как внешка на должном уровне выполнена. Viktor48, 5 years ago, #
. Valeroyd, 10 years ago, #
Great airplane! BUDAP66, 10 years ago, #
Unlike the version for a lot of nines? mc_, 10 years ago, #
have not really looked myself, but the top nine in the same squalid VC in the aircraft, but for FSX like ORE three-dimensional on-human) DAR, 10 years ago, #
Something loaded Dimos13, 10 years ago, #
67 people have downloaded properly, try another browser. DAR, 10 years ago, #
I just tried it for 7 minutes, all download perfect. DAR, 10 years ago, #
I downloaded, tell me please how to install? Dimos13, 10 years ago, #
yes very easy) in the same installer is: 1. Unpack the archive. 2. Set FSX_CommanderCollection_Installer_FSX.exe 3. Install the patch FSX_AeroCommander_Propfix.exe DAR, 10 years ago, #
He flew 500 and 680 in nine and is now pleased to continue in the top ten. Thanks for that DAR `y. Vad, 10 years ago, #
Dlyabesplatnoy model of a well-deserved 5. Excellent choice for beginners, and not only. ko4eBNik, 10 years ago, #
Not bad, but then something screws in the work is not transparent, but as the two plates. steinev, 10 years ago, #
there is a patch kit that bridges this problem DAR, 10 years ago, #
Rare low-grade rubbish. - Engines are not included with the panel and do not shut down - the dashboard panel is not included and will not turn off - not all planes have a radio station - not all planes have a button handbrake - and lots of other shoals. Did not deserve the attention. is the only detail that pleased in the first model is GPS navigator. Score 1. Anton2, 10 years ago, #
excuse) another Aerokommandera for FSX in nature does not exist yet)) even paid. DAR, 10 years ago, #
From, blah, expert climbed. Кусачая_Утка, 10 years ago, #
Anton2, well, so make normal Commander, but we'll see or the guts? Stakan, 10 years ago, #
Dear, can start you need to pass the literacy campaign management plane? Vad, 10 years ago, #