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Space Shuttle Atlantis with VC 2D ...
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Vizualka good, but takes off properly, and the cabin nothing to do with the prototype does not have ... It is better to fly on shuttle in SPASE SHUTTLE MISSION or Orbiter and all did. AND134, 8 years ago, #
панель огорчила немного. А так для веселья только) Pilot116, 6 years ago, #
ребят так как отстыковать?по существу вопрос . gen2006, 2 days ago, #
В этом Шаттле два минуса
1) Что находится в этом Шаттле просто висит на ракетой
2) Ракета спамнится как обычный самолёт,пожалуйста добавь в ракету стартовую площадку
~Anonymous~, 9 months ago, #
ракетаноситель как отстегнуть Andr1012, 5 years ago, #
Это пять! :))) ReVeR, 5 years ago, #
взять отвертку и отвинтить! RAID, 5 years ago, #
так ка же все таки gen2006, 2 days ago, #
Для разнообразия пойдет))))) Monsterwing, 6 years ago, #
Поднялся на 705 тысяч футов. Это где-то 240 километров. Жаль, до МКС не дотянул :) Ewgeny7, 6 years ago, #
поднялся на нем на высоту 103000м видел луну и черный космос! круто:) spa5, 6 years ago, #
Shuttle cr from Boeing deflotnogo somehow really does not look малый, 7 years ago, #
Bucky fly back XD ... Clear all Shift + e, then 2,3,4 itek, 8 years ago, #
Here I think to fly or what? AFL336, 8 years ago, #
What's his platform at the Baikonur on set? Gennn, 8 years ago, #
but how? And SC raketunositel unfasten? Sanya_2002, 8 years ago, #
And silence ........... Gennn, 8 years ago, #
so that the correct flight of the shuttle and shooting his steps?? or at least from taking off, which is on the screenshot and the output module? SpeedDevil, 8 years ago, #
In Reale start is made with m. Canaveral in Florida. Do not worry, yuzayte Orbiter. Is such a thing! Weighs not much and paritsya not have a place to start and removing the accelerator. + Dofiga any mods, missions, etc.:) LainerRRW, 8 years ago, #
Yes, as though it is not in Park your vehicle, but just I wonder where the screen took on the court. Well, as a step aside. Or is it not out of MFS? Gennn, 8 years ago, #
From the FA, the orbiter floor abruptly) by moving certain. In FSH market is run (not a script, just an object). There's even a shuttle-type) Videmo its boosters and stick in the background in the screenshot) LainerRRW, 8 years ago, #
Gennnmem in for me this S‚RѕR¶ hooked, and so would be better if those who have long thread with Buranov steamed, such as our aircraft (in this case the shuttle, not Amer. Canoe) and on the Orbiter just do not hunt to drive me and MFSX suit ))) SpeedDevil, 8 years ago, #
"а так лучше бы давно кто нить с Бураном запарился" - а смысл? В симе физика не рассчитана для космических полетов... В отличие от Orbiter'а, который специально для этого создавался. Jeka_M, 8 years ago, #
Atmospheric analog Buran - BPS-002 GLI​.htm I would like to see a Sim in a good performance ... (space does not fly), and this​tm bird too. AND134, 8 years ago, #
AND134 here, I totally agree, but its characteristics are not so hot: Flight altitude, 6000 m Maximum speed km / h 600 Landing speed, km / h 300-330 here at least a height of 20 km and a speed of 1500, and was used standards) SpeedDevil, 8 years ago, #
And goes into orbit? _G® LainerRRW, 8 years ago, #
dream is not bad, not bad for a dream))) I got up to 70000 in the stall, but who is on the MiG - 21 fell to 141000 !!)))) now that is not what is SpeedDevil, 8 years ago, #
Any more as hartman, 8 years ago, #
well as fuel tanks and throw from the Baikonur fly? DENIS_93, 8 years ago, #
Одного вот непойму, зачем 2 ставить? Кто виноват что вы жопорукий? moter, 6 years ago, #

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