It IS NOT the separate product. To make it work you must be the owner of the original scenery copy. There is only a modification which makes the scenery more actual for 2022. The author was allowed by the original developer to publish this update/enhancement: https://drzewiecki-design.net/​forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&;t=359&start=30 (the topic of Chișinău airport on the forum of Drzewiecki Design)

It's the BETA version of the unofficial update/enhancement for LUKK Chișinău by Drzewiecki Design.
The list of new features:
-New runway 27/9
-New apron for 6 ramps
-3 ramps have been extended, so now the airliners can stand there (2 ramps near the terminal have been removed as in the real airport)
-I fixed the problem with the ramps, now the aircrafts stand exactly in the centre of them

1) The original scenery by Drzewiecki Design must be installed
2) Drop the folders from the archive and overwrite the files
3) Take a look at the scenery_packs.ini. The City must be lower than the airport. If the objects don't appear, delete the folder of the City from the Custom Scenery.
So far they are incompatible. Further this bug will be solved.
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Thank you so much for this! Excellent work. ~Anonymous~, 1 week ago, #