Airbus A330-300 by Thomas Ruth with 24 airline liveries. VC and 2D panel by defoltnogo A321 + FMC (requires a (FSUIPC) List of airlines! Qantas Airways Dragonair Northwest Airlines (NWA) Qatar Airways Brussels Airlines Finnair Cathay Pacific China Eastern Lufthansa Air China Oman Air Virgin Atlantic LTU (Old color) Olympic Air Emirates Philippine Airlines SriLankan Airlines Delta Air Lines Air Canada US Airways Etihad Airways Singapore Airlines Swiss International Air Lines Ltd Aer Lingus package is ready to load fuel and passengers in the FS Passengers (removed overdrive) Improved sound, cost of fuel, installed Flight Management Computer (FMC) (one must have FSUIPC) Clean your palate and soft landings!!
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→ Author: Thomas Ruth
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And what is "rotkrucheny? Ил-86110, 11 years ago, #
Excellent model. It's a pity that the panel of the A320, but still cool. It remains to you to put the A340 and A380. It would be even steeper. rinat_n, 11 years ago, #
Тогда может сразу CLS:? Rustaveli, 11 years ago, #
CAN THIS MODEL USE GSX? ~Anonymous~, 5 years ago, #
When I try to click download, nothing happens. It just reloads the page again and again. Shaharyar99, 10 years ago, #
Люди подскажите. Я заметил что нос у него очень вниз проседает в итоге выглядит он немного нелепо. У арбуза вилки такого не было. Dzot09, 10 years ago, #
with the physics wrong. a bistro acceleration as it is not realistic avsimvadim, 11 years ago, #
And this is exactly the model of Thomas Ruth? I stand to A332, A346 - there vizualka excellent. And then set - almost puked. As a toy for a five-year child and not a model for Sim. Therefore, the estimate for my schedule. Look at it is impossible to both outside and inside. The_Spirit, 11 years ago, #
Yes, I agree, the graphics UG and when they involve 2d cockpit, once sim flies ( Даня, 11 years ago, #
Ты сделай сам, а мы оценим) Rustaveli, 11 years ago, #
5 and this, too, and the A332 5! make a much softer, pliz amortstoyki, very shaking the joystick feedback removal during landing! doctur, 11 years ago, #
Cool craft, to say nothing! The only thing not a bad thing to be done so that it can be towed Nimpus, 11 years ago, #
Shift + P Jeka_M, 11 years ago, #
Yeah a good model. Mishaairbus, 11 years ago, #
Why this aircraft can not tow tractor? Даня, 11 years ago, #
If anything on this site requires a FSUIPC-This is very serious! Roma1364, 11 years ago, #
Why? Grixa_95, 11 years ago, #
Beautiful vizualka and nothing more. Need a normal A330 - Airbus Evolution vol.2 wait on Wilko. nik-dem, 11 years ago, #
Nikita, the people who come to the section "FSX Aircraft, as a rule, lacking, and vizualki. KIVLAR, 11 years ago, #
Why interesting one? StarwaveX, 11 years ago, #
Suuuuuuper! StarwaveX, 11 years ago, #
Start the engine on it. Ил-76, 11 years ago, #
And we need it? Ил-86110, 11 years ago, #
and why on the first screenshot 767-300? Ту154М 85123, 11 years ago, #
at the first screenshot --- Airbus, only he has such a small gapless flaps have Bobik 767 droops on the most eggs, if you used the services of 767 in kind. then saw zakryly, nearer to the fuselage, the B767 three (!) slot. doctur, 11 years ago, #
Человек, просто решил поумничать, просто не получилось) Rustaveli, 11 years ago, #