Highly accurate repaint of Ukraine International's UR-PSB, a Boeing 737-8HX, for PMDG's 737-800NGX, including a 100% accurate and confirmed aircraft configuration file and custom stickers/plackards, which were photographed from the real aircraft to ensure the highest possible level of accuracy.
→ Filename:
→ Date: 3 weeks ago (22.10.2018 14:48)
→ Author: Bogdan Misko
→ Approved by moderator: megakor
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
Спасибо! Wonderboy, 1 week ago, #
чо за формат !!! перезалей в zip или в rar, или ты вирусняком хочешь заразить нас? Илья_777, 3 weeks ago, #
это формат PMDG ливрей для установки через Operation center! ZorgsteinKilloo, 3 weeks ago, #
Лол ))) Wonderboy, 1 week ago, #

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