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The panel focused primarily on navigation. Corrected deficiencies identified in the previous version. Electricity and fuel system - at the level of default. But a mate - everything you need - WE-1, RSBN, finder, Kurs-MP, the exchange rate system, HL-10. Carefully read the README.
→ Size: 10 MB
→ Date: 8 years ago (12.05.2011 00:18)
→ Author: Sins
→ Uploaded by: Sins (uploaded 16 files )
→ Approved by moderator: SLAVJAN
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
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Спасибо! Давненько забрал, а вот спасибо... Zorgair, 8 years ago, #
Труд Yelky-Palky, 8 years ago, #
definitely five. sergunek, 8 years ago, #
There was a proposal to Panel.cfg in line in Panel.cfg VIEW_FORWARD_DIR = 9.100, 0.000, 0.000 to replace 9.1 on 6.5, which improves visibility. Try to pick a number for yourself, as you prefer. Sins, 8 years ago, #
Only on entering nichrome will not see ... WFP to be a touch panel. Kirill Konovalov, 8 years ago, #
I picked up a 9.1 and ordered, because that is a normal review. A man wrote me that he had put the 6.5 is not clear why it happened, so I'm writing - choose who is right. 6,7,8,9 ...... Sins, 8 years ago, #
Fly SCS! Aviator86, 8 years ago, #
There are enough people who already do not want to put nine. And every day they become more and more. This panel - a worthy compromise. It has everything you need for a 'Classic', navigation, and thus it requires no installation for the sake of all that FS9. I've been using its own variation, based on the same NCP. So, your insenuatsii about SCS's not quite appropriate. SCS-134 ingeniously made aircraft. But it's for another Sim. And until someone does not write new Gough, he did it and left. And fly he wants. And not fly on deyfolte. Kirill Konovalov, 8 years ago, #
on the old panel by pressing any buttons react engine) this all OK) 5 +++++++++++++ hitmit, 8 years ago, #
Looking at the panels, felt an urge to master the aircraft. Give a reference to kraft please. Immediately five) Soul_Fly, 8 years ago, #
reference to the craft in the readme file) hitmit, 8 years ago, #
Thank you! I did not shake on it and asked. Soul_Fly, 8 years ago, #
"The panel focused primarily on navigation" And what may be oriented in the panel on the plane? Roma1364, 8 years ago, #
It is understood that by using this panel, you can navigate to engage seriously. But the pre-preparation and study of engineering systems - not because of their absence. VC either. Therefore, if someone is not interested in navigation - he, this panel will be useless. Did that work out circling. Sins, 8 years ago, #

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