MiG-21 MF | Rating: 5!
If I am not mistaken - the development of the MiG-21 F13 from Jan Moravec collective creators: Authors: Ivan Jurcaga Ing. Peter Priskin Kendy Schwarz People who helped: Ladislav Jurcaga EEE Dandee Jan Doubek Vita Zenisek Vitek Storch Stepan Obrovsky Beta testers: Antonin Janecka Ondrej Zidek Michal Krechowski
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→ Date: 8 years ago (09.07.2011 14:20)
→ Author: Ivan Jurcaga
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Dynamics terrible! Well, not for a fighter-interceptor! zamok1980, 8 years ago, #
And what's so terrible was found in the dynamics? What straight up with the runway does not go away? I myself have not tried it, just interested. Freddie, 8 years ago, #
But he never in real life did not go straight up. Also it is not "pure" interceptor. And used as fighter-bomber. In general, the dynamics can be assessed only one who flew on it. 2D panel - it's already past. vvk, 8 years ago, #
So I'm wondering on what grounds friend concludes that the speaker is no good. I believe that the man in '21-old to fly on a MiG-21 can save in some banana republic or in India ... Freddie, 8 years ago, #
If we take into account the number 1980 as year of birth login, then someone is not 21, and '31:) stakan48452, 8 years ago, #
Due to the lateness of the hour the roof had gone. Although the error in the 10 years it still does not change, because at that time, written off when the last Russian 21th, a man born in 1980 still go to school. The same applies to the Belarusian and Ukrainian aircraft. Against this background, it is noteworthy that in Finland the last MiG-21UM were retired in 2000 as many as Freddie, 8 years ago, #
tie the dynamics of kapsimovskogo MIG-21UM - is another matter - began chustvovatsya and inertia and weight. PalIn, 8 years ago, #
Also a good idea. I remember kapsimovskogo Jiffy dynamics was more plausible. And the fact that it is made for FS2004 is not going to get worse in FSX? Is the change ". Air" file, or if you need more in aircraft.cfg something move and change? dreaman, 8 years ago, #
air file I took from kapsima, and put all of aircraft.cfg kapsima following sections [fltsim._] In addition, experimenting with the dynamics of the AFS MiG-21. The same sort of good can happen. PalIn, 8 years ago, #
Here are my experiments, can someone fit - to replace a section aircraft.cfg [flight_tuning] cruise_lift_scalar = 4.000 pitch_stability = 5.500 roll_stability = 0.900 yaw_stability = 2.200 parasite_drag_scalar = 1.000 induced_drag_scalar = 1.000 elevator_effectiveness = 5.500 aileron_effectiveness = 3.500 rudder_effectiveness = 1.000 elevator_trim_effectiveness = 1.000 aileron_trim_effectiveness = 1.000 rudder_trim_effectiveness = 1.000 If you ask the better option - will only benefit everyone. PalIn, 8 years ago, #
Требует доработок, но за работу однозначно 5! Volk25, 1 year ago, #
Звуки прикрутил и немного поправил динамику. И получил МИГ-21. Отменная работа! Моделька-сказка! iwaschka, 2 years ago, #
Thanx Memati, 7 years ago, #
Engine will not zapuskaetsya (( titan8208, 8 years ago, #
The plane is awsome, the flight physic is also very good for that construction.

Only thing i noticed is that the Plane is underpowered. It shoud easy climb up to 19KM and without any troubles have 2.0 Ma from 15KM up.

The rest is Perfect ;-)
hideto1987, 8 years ago, #
Guys, someone working boosters? Dmitry-Foxhound, 8 years ago, #
yes, there is no sound, but the 3D is that you forget about the sound. Andrey_Ustimenko, 8 years ago, #
dreaman (2 seconds ago): The sound can be downloaded here: http://www.flightsim.cz/downlo​ad.php?id=596 Although not really understand why it was impossible to attach a sound in itself release so as not to look for parts separately. But these little things you can forgive the authors, because VC unmatched. FPS are not plants, but with stereo glasses do a full immersion into the cockpit. As if this fly (with zoom 0.5 - 0.6) dreaman, 8 years ago, #
While not rated. Guys, there is a readme wrote, saying that there is no sound. That's it?? Sim just under the arms is not available. Adriano, 8 years ago, #
Yes, daddy still empty sound. Well, at least with sylochkoy. Sorry. Adriano, 8 years ago, #
The sound is put to the previous MiG-21 by the same author. Stupidly prescribe alias and all, even the copy is not necessary. mc_, 8 years ago, #
VC well done! Finally, 3D-devices with Mura emerged. About the dynamics of hard to say. It seemed much too easy to reverse off the ground and climb. Not really feeling the "weight" and inertia. Although the velocity seems to fly. In general, five to a masterpiece. dreaman, 8 years ago, #
Y "Balalaika" a good roll, all the rest - not much. Freddie, 8 years ago, #
Hard 5. And without a good 2D. vvk, 8 years ago, #
Excellent model! It is a pity that there is no 2D-panel. It is especially unfortunate that there is no Soviet livery. Still, the MiG - this is not the Czechoslovakian firm ... Hopefully, someone (who is on the "pure metal" is specialized) will make a classic Soviet version of the aircraft. Karadag, 8 years ago, #

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